9/24/2013 — 7.8M earthquake in Pakistan causes NEW ISLAND to rise instantly

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Pakistan earthquake creates NEW ISLAND in the sea instantly!!!

45 confirmed dead.  Some reports of 150 or more killed by this earthquake.

7.8m earthquake pakistan sept 24 2013


The 7.8M earthquake caused an ISLAND to rise out of the Arabian Sea off the shores of Pakistan.  This happened INSTANTLY as the earthquake occurred.  We know of sea floor rises with past earthquake activity seen elsewhere, however this instant ABOVE sea level rise is something never seen before on such a large scale.

This is amazing, and should be making headlines around the planet.

Rugged / jagged new peaks coming from the ocean.  Seen approximately a half mile away here:






False reports of a “mud volcano” have surfaced online.  These pictures fully contradict the fake claims coming out from ‘internet shock jocks’ about volcanoes and mud.


not a mud volcanoa


Video of the island event here reported…

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