Uncle Mikey’s Research – 11th Commandment

Good stuff here. Nicely done. Could be a little more suspicious of Alex Jones. Just my opinion on that. But I love the humor this guy maintains.

Of course there are two elements in this presentation that I wholeheartedly refute:

1) Voting. When you vote for someone, you give that person consent to make decisions on your behalf, without notifying you. ie experimental vaccines, chemical spraying, etc. The good guys who would oppose these programs have a weakness: they’re good guys. There’s always a way to threaten harm against loved ones to force compliance. Or they get ‘suicided,’ or they get shot on national television.

2) Dismissal of Kundalini technology. It’s the tree of knowledge of good and evil, meaning the knowledge can go either way depending on intent. It’s cool if you don’t mind getting bossed around by your creator, but I’m not sure he has my best interests in consideration. Oh, and Yoga makes people strong. Anyone who says its a waste of time wants you to be weak.

But the data is solid. And dude is funny.


One thought on “Uncle Mikey’s Research – 11th Commandment

  1. The most important data in this film, in my opinion, is Uncle Mikey’s explanation of the obsolete microchip implants. Refusing to take the chip is useless. They don’t need chips anymore. Your face is the chip. There’s millions of cameras in London alone. Your thumb is the chip. Your DNA is the chip. Game fucking over.

    The “they’re gonna chip everyone and use the chips to trace every aspect of everyone’s life” is camouflage. They already track everyone and every aspect of everyone’s life.

    Let’s all do our best to jam that machine with false and conflicting data. Use DHS keywords in whatever communications you use. If anyone says anything about national security to you, explain how influenza kills way more people than al-queda. How does watching what I fucking say save any lives? What exactly are we protecting ourselves against?

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