Gnostic Media: (Video) Ron Paul and the Fed

Man, I’ve been saying this for a year: Ron Paul is nothing but a ‘People’s Champion” COINTELPRO program. The Powers That Be (which I call the ‘fuckers’ ) see a trend of anti-government dissent in the population and say, “Hey, let’s throw these chumps a bone. We’ll use the opportunity to misinform them  and root out the most radical republicans as a bonus.” The fuckers think (not out loud): “We’ll turn that list over to the Fed for audit, DHS, BATF…make their lives difficult and maybe get them into the prison/slavery system.” The fuckers made sure that the 13th amendment made exceptions for punitive slavery, of course.

Remember that the careers of politicians, like the careers of professional wrestlers, depend on the illusion of conflict. But when the cameras are off, the participants of the drama have drinks together and write the script for the next day. Obama is George W Bush’s (9th) cousin, fer-cryin-out-loud.

Thanks Clint Richardson and Gnostic Media.

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