Tenth Anniversary of William Cooper’s Murder

Some Videos concerning the guy that got a lot of us into alternative research. The tenth anniversary of his murder (by police) coincides with Anonymous’ declared attack on Facebook, one government shill COINTELPRO organization hacking a government data-mine in a false-flag attack to justify internet security measures to spy on people and control their communications. Bill would not have been the least bit surprised.

Milton William Cooper – May 6 1943 to November 5 2001


Mystery Babylon – Bill Cooper’s Hour of the Time 42 part audio series covering the mystery schools – Click HERE

2 thoughts on “Tenth Anniversary of William Cooper’s Murder

  1. Mr. Cooper will always be loved, honored, trusted, respected, and remembered. Thank you for this article. The Goddess has already won his battle for us all. Trust the turning of the wheel 🙂

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