Disrupting the Control System; The Exodus out of Babylon

“Transformation in the mind itself is the true revolution.”

– J Krishnamurti

The images to the left would have you believe that you are at the bottom of an hierarchy and that there is no mobility but to rise up  the pyramid structure (but always within it and on the backs of those below you). It leaves one feeling dis-empowered. This is a risk of control-system research; the system seems so massive as to be unconquerable. One is tempted to think that if one is not serving the purpose of the control-system then that person serves no purpose. Indeed, raging against the system is validating the system itself, rebellion is synonymous  with identification with the oppressors. It is a trap to keep people feeding energy to the pyramid, whether positive or negative.  The cycle continues so long as people feel that the problems lie somewhere ‘out there’ in physical space-time and that the solution means changing something about the world around us. The pyramid would rather you fight it than have you study the self and what it is capable of.

Designed by zom-bot labs. Image from: http://teecraze.com/pyramid-scheme-t-shirt/ Great Shirt.

The Relevance of Symbolism

Why would we study arcane symbols when there is “real work to do on the streets?” The masses have been engineered to be symbol-illiterate and to believe that ego is the self. For thousands of years humans have known about what Jung called the Collective Unconsciousness:

For Jung, “My thesis then, is as follows: in addition to our immediate consciousness, which is of a thoroughly personal nature and which we believe to be the only empirical psyche (even if we tack on the personal unconscious as an appendix), there exists a second psychic system of a collective, universal, and impersonal nature which is identical in all individuals. This collective unconscious does not develop individually but is inherited. It consists of pre-existent forms, the archetypes, which can only become conscious secondarily and which give definite form to certain psychic contents.”

It is only recently that this part of the human psyche has been categorized as irrelevant. This is certainly due to the fact that this part of our psyche is being manipulated deliberately and because we are taught that this part of us is just rubbish our minds collect throughout the day and replays for us in dreams that mean nothing.

To perpetuate this we are told that ego is the same as ourselves. In fact the ego is created by the self to buffer the person from reality. The ego is what we use to operate within society, a mask made of the judgements and approvals of society.

Society Needs You as an Ego

“The child is born with a Self but not with an ego. The child develops the ego. As he becomes more and more social and related, ego develops. This ego is just on your periphery where you are related with others – just on the boundary of your being. So ego is the periphery of your being, and Self is the center. The child is born with a Self, but unaware. He is a Self, but he is not conscious of the Self.

“The first awareness of the child comes with his ego. He becomes aware of the “I”, not of the Self. Really, he becomes aware first of the “thou”. The child first becomes aware of his mother. Then, reflectively, he becomes aware of himself. First he becomes aware of objects around him. Then, by and by, he begins to feel that he is separate. This feeling of separation gives the feeling of ego, and because the child first becomes aware of the ego, ego becomes a covering on the Self.

“Then ego goes on growing, because the society needs you as an ego, not as a Self. The Self is irrelevant for the society; your periphery is meaningful. And there are many problems. The ego can be taught and the ego can be made docile and the ego can be forced to be obedient. The ego can be made to adjust, but not the Self. The Self cannot be taught, the Self cannot be forced. The Self is intrinsically rebellious, individual. It cannot be made a part of society.”

Osho, The Ultimate Alchemy, Vol. 1, Talk #14
Download this Osho talk as an audiobook

Art by Santiago Caruso

Much of the self operates in a non-physical, non-temporal state of consciousness that relies on symbols to communicate with the rest of the psyche. By training the ego that symbols are irrelevant (or evil) members of the controlling elite can use the symbols to manipulate the personal unconsciousness and control the actions of an individual through the ego.

By subverting symbols the controlling elite can block the path to self-discovery. For example: the swastika is a benign symbol used world-wide, from Hindu to Hopi, to describe the spiral nature of time and creation and to illustrate the individual’s contribution to the creation process. It took a few National Socialists with a little money from the United States to remove the swastika from our symbolic language forever and to imprint the atrocities onto the symbol no matter what context the symbol is now used. Now time is  linear and study of the profound messages that the swastika transmitted from before the advent of the written word is taboo.

By using symbols as a language while keeping the population symbol-illiterate the controlling elite can communicate secrets to each other openly and fulfill ritual requirements that state that all participants, including the sacrificial lambs, must be informed and willing to participate in the ritual. It doesn’t matter that the plebs can’t read the fine-print (the symbols), they have been as well informed as the Native Americans were when they signed their contracts with the European governments.

If in doubt of the role ritual and symbolism plays in the highest levels of the control system, consider the ritual nature of the layout of Washington DC. Ritual is encoded in every detail of the modern control system, but it is crucial to keep the “hired help” ignorant of this fact to allow the elite to continue perform blood rituals on a global scale. Remember the words of J P Morgan, “Millionaires do not use astrology, billionaires do.”

The Pyramid

Symbols are neither good nor evil. They are like words. To the Personal Unconsciousness they are mutable and mean different things in different contexts, and they carry all the meanings at the same time. A symbol can have contradictory meanings that are both ‘true.’ Symbols in the Collective Unconsciousness can be subverted to change their nature and affect the individual’s behavior.

There are benign inferences that can be drawn from the symbol of the pyramid that are currently being clouded by the power-structure materialistic versions we see in conspiracy culture. One is that of the World Tree with its roots in the non-physical realm (the apex, the all seeing eye of illumination) and its branches here on our dimension. It is the four material elements (air, water, fire, earth; the four walls) culminating in the quintessence (akasha, the apex). It represents the concept transmitted through the phrase,  “Everything that rises must converge”: that no matter how divergent our beliefs are, as they become distilled and less material (our psyche ‘rises’ when the weight of materialism is removed) they arrive at the same conclusion (or source, depending on how you spin the time spiral).

The all-seeing eye is very ambiguous. It reveals something beyond the physicality of the structure of the pyramid and something beyond the reach of the lower levels. It is not a part of the pyramid. It needs the pyramid to deliver whatever it built the structure to collect for it. In the second image you see the business class surrounded  by money and worshiping the eye  but the eye doesn’t need money. The eye employs money to reward the elite for climbing over the bodies of the lower classes, but it’s not about money. People at the highest levels of the system have so much money, to make any more is redundant. The Pyramid offers the ego the illusion of control over society when in fact the eye is society in control of the ego.

The truth is that there is no society without ego and no ego without society. Society is a parasite and the ego is illusion. Nevertheless, this is the mechanism that is used to control you:

“It seems that nothing is more difficult for the average man to bear than the feeling of not being identified with a larger group.”           – Erich Fromm

This is the key. In our genetic memory we have the records of being human beings that were individuals and they were the world theylived in, a sort of fractalized unit that contained all the data of the universe, a microcosm. Our egos began to condition us to think of the world as an object and the ego as the subject, then further trained us to think of the self as a non-object. This attitude was essential to survival at the time, but it is an incomplete view of reality. There are ways to alter consciousness to reconnect to this akashic field. It’s what William Blake meant by “Hold infinity in the palm of your hand / And eternity in an hour.” If you’ve ever woke from a dream and had that feeling that all of the information of the universe was accessible to you, then you have an idea about what we are trying to describe. It’s ineffable.

To the control system the drawback of this self-exploration is that it results in the dispensing of the easily-controlled ego for the more rebellious self. This explains the War on Drugs. If it was a War on Drugs then why do we have Adderall (dextroamphetimines too dangerous for diet pills but good enough for school-children)? It’s a War on Consciousness. It is mind-control.

If the individual is dissatisfied with his place at the bottom of the pyramid he encouraged to subjugate others to move up. The person can revolt against the pyramid, but because the pyramid has pressure-relief  mechanisms in place in the form of ready-made revolutionary identities for the person to wear and system-safe groups for him to belong to with fire-proof arenas for him to act, he ultimately serves the system.

The control system uses “irrelevant” symbolism to play the Subconscious like a violin and control the individual through his emotions and incomplete understanding of himself. The symbols promise liberty and re-connection to the world, when they are only decorations on the prison wall.

The all-seeing eye of Illumination has become the  all-seeing eye of the Panoptic Society:

“There is no need for arms, physical violence, material constraints. Just a gaze. An inspecting gaze, a gaze which each individual under its weight will end by interiorising to the point that he is his own overseer, each individual thus exercising this surveillance over, and against, himself. A superb formula: power exercised continuously and for what turns out to be a minimal cost.” (Foucault, 1980: 155)
Our symbolic language has been hijacked and is being used to control us.

Leaving Babylon

The pyramid needs a foundation. We’ve seen what happens to the literal human pyramids if one of the ground-floor members ceases to support the upper levels: the pyramid collapses, putting everyone on equal ground. If enough of the lower level of the pyramid is removed, it falls.

Babylon is the control system. People feed the control system by paying taxes, buying shoddy merchandise from Wal-Mart, registering with the DMV, etc. The process of disrupting the control system begins with abandoning Babylon. It’s not necessary to sell all of your stuff and live off the land to accomplish this (although it would speed up the process for you). This can be accomplished in small ways, bit by bit, the same way people are brainwashed into feeding Babylon. Eventually there will be enough holes in the foundation of the pyramid and it will fall.

Gathering the Tools

Remaining symbol-illiterate will not protect you from the effects that symbolism has on you, only enhance them. Know your language. There are no evil symbols, just evil people that use them. Familiarity with the symbols recorded in the human genetic memory is mandatory to accomplish the next part of the process.

Know yourself. The reason symbolism works so covertly on the population is that people are conditioned to consider the Unconsciousness as nonsense or even nonexistent. Altered states of consciousness are often the inception point for world-changing discoveries; August Kekule von Stradonitz penned his theory of chemical structure after a vision of a snake biting its own tail revealed the molecular structure benzene to him:

“Here Kekulé spoke of the creation of the theory. He said that he had discovered the ring shape of the benzene molecule after having a reverie or day-dream of a snake seizing its own tail (this is a common symbol in any ancient cultures known as the Ouroboros). This vision, he said, came to him after years of studying the nature of carbon-carbon bonds.


Study of the Self can be a gradual process or it can be very rapid. It can be cerebral or physically arduous. It can be boring or terrifying. No matter what process is employed, this work is not very pleasant. Beware of too much Light and Love. It’s easy to obstruct the analysis of the Self if one gets comfortable in these pleasure realms. That’s why we see so much of this Positivism in the New Age camp; it keeps people satiated, fulfills the need some people have for “alternative thinking,” and gives members a larger group to identify with.

During this process the ego will try to convince the individual that the Self is the ego and that the human host will die without it. This is where all the images of ones own death comes from during deep contemplation. The Mystery Schools ritualize this death and the resurrection of the Self, or Intellect, from ashes of the ego.

The demiurgic aspects of the Self are particularly threatening to the control system pyramid hierarchy. This part of the self writes reality from the scraps of data delivered to it through the physical senses. The mind interprets signals from sensory organs and filters the content and presents a fiction called “reality.” When presented with the control system pyramid the person either accepts or rejects the system as a model of the person. Ego will always pick hierarchy because ego wants what society wants. A complete Self will reject it due to its temporary and illusory nature.

“…there can be no “perfect State.” Any man-made institution is impermanent as well as imperfect, as people and the world change constantly. Further, no material wealth or political power will grant people permanent happiness—unenlightened satisfaction is an illusion that only perpetuates samsara[suffering]…”

Buddhist Anarchism, Wikipedia

No one can be told what the Self is, language can only define what the self is not. The exploration is deconstructive.  The language reduces the Self further and further until it’s realized that the finite three-dimensional human psyche can never comprehend the full implications of reality. The individual must be content to live in paradox: All-Mind and No-Mind. As we said earlier, it’s ineffable.

Symbols can show you the Self. Much of what is called religion, occult, or alchemy is in fact detailed symbolic representations of aspects of human psychology. Symbols can also be used by others to conceal the Self to impose their own will onto others.

Once Self-study has rendered the individual thoroughly confused, the Personal and the Collective Unconsciousness will start to alert the person when they are being tinkered with. He begins to recognize the mechanisms of mind-control that pervade every aspect of existence. This is when clarity of thought begins. The same template that can make people grieve for fictional characters on television is used to make people hate fictional enemies with the same television.

The individual is now able to recognize and reject mind control. The trick is to keep your sense of humor. The opposite of humor is not seriousness, it’s indifference. Indifference lubricates the mechanisms of Babylon.

Those of you “doing real work in the streets,” ask yourself who are you working for. Are you sure you aren’t contributing to the pyramid control-system? Or are you just contributing to the ritual drama? Are you allowed to ask dissenting questions without being ridiculed and exiled? Your comrades should explore contrary views along side of their own without fear. They should be able to say, “Well this part is pretty good, but they’re wrong about this, and I didn’t even know about that.”  If they throw you an in-house published book  that seems to answer all your questions they probably are interested in only what you can do for them.

Those of you who can’t drop your job, house, and possessions for whatever reason, do what ever you can to reject as much as you can. In text books it’s called “living philosophy” but Michael Tsarion better describes it as “anarchy of the mind.” Act according to your will, and do no harm. If the Self can recognize the mechanisms of the Control System, it can’t be controlled. Accept no masters.

“I am an Anarchist! Wherefore I will
Not rule, and also ruled I will not be!”

– John Henry Mackay


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