Reblog: Physical Silver Running Out Because Its Spot Price Does Not Reflect True Investment Demand !

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  • Gold and silver bugs have been hit pretty hard for the past few weeks. But do not be discouraged. The bullion banksters can manipulate paper (futures) gold and silver prices on the Crimex all they want. The reality is: prices are so low that demand has exceeded supply and is causing shortages. The smart money is running to physical gold and silver.
  • This current takedown is like the receding of the ocean waves into the sea for kilometres, exposing the sea bed, corals ….before the huge tsunami comes. But make no mistake the huge upward moves in gold and silver prices are about to hit. The bullion banksters have covered their massive short positions by greater than 60%. They know what is coming! Up, up, up and away!

    Physical silver running out because its spot price does not reflect true investment demand
    By: Peter Cooper, Arabian Money
    Several readers of…

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