Analysis of Esoteric Iconography used by ‘Anonymous’

Anonymous Solar Cult Symbolism

Solar Cult Symbolism and "Hive-mind" Agenda

The intent of this essay is to analyze the images and symbols used by the group known as “ANONYMOUS” and to understand the implications of the messages encoded within their logos and communications.  Anonymous claims to operate without leadership and has been participating in major world-wide political events including the 2009 Iranian Elections and the Occupation of Wall-Street in 2011.  Some insiders in “AnonOps,” which provides communications platforms for the group, have issued contrary statements :

A former AnonOps member wrote:

“From the f [-] ing beginning (during the hack at Aiplex which started Operation Payback) there has been an secret club, an aristocracy in AnonOps, deciding how operations will play out in invite-only channels.

It’s obvious, for they control the topic, the hivemind, the guides, every single thing behind the scenes…

Nate Anderson

It is important to understand that AnonOps  is not Anonymous. AnonOps provides the communication platform for Anonymous. It is also important to understand that, in the scope of national politics,  if one controls the media, one controls the country. Control of AnonOps is control of Anonymous.

Because of Anonymous’ radical effect on international affairs we feel it is necessary to determine if there is an ulterior agency operating in the group, either from the inception of the group or through infiltration, and exactly what is the aim of that agency.

[Anonymous is] the first Internet-based superconsciousness.

—Chris Landers. Baltimore City Paper, April 2, 2008

The term esoteric is used here in the sense of  information known only to initiates. The public teachings of the church help people get along with each other (or help them know who to go to war with) but the church also has an esoteric (hidden or occult) side known only to the inner circle of initiated priests. Secret societies often encode esoteric symbols into their public documents in order to communicate information beyond what can be interpreted from the language alone.

The Laurel Leaves – Empire

Laurel Wreath Comparison

Masonic, United Nations, United States Senate, and Anonymous Laurel Wreath Configurations. Notice in the US Senate Seal the bundle of sticks with axe, or Facses, the origin of the word fascist.

Laurel leaves are a leaf from a plant that when chewed, release toxins that cause a psychotropic affect.  Ancient soothsayers and prophets used it to bring on a trance for mediation and prophecy…In ancient Greece Laurel was sacred to Apollo…

Apollo is a solar deity.

Roman Generals fought for years and conquered lands covering thousands of miles just for the honour of returning to Rome and receiving the laurel wreath as a mark of his great victory.

The History of the Laurel Wreath

Throughout history the laurel wreath was a symbol of affiliation with the Roman Empire or a reward for contributing significantly to The Great Work, which is nothing short of the manipulation of all political institutions, media, and churches  in order to control the masses and coerce the population into serfdom. Important to the occult aspects of these social experiments is that the participants of the ritual must be fully informed and willing to cooperate with the major players’ plans. The way they inform us is through symbolism, which our educational system trains us to ignore as non-essential to getting a job. Or, in other words, symbol literacy interferes with the process of using people as means to the establishment’s ends. The ruling elite assume that we are their property and must consent to their will. It is particularly pleasing to these players when the people ask to be subjugated.

What the laurel leaves tell us in the language of symbolism is that the organization associates itself with the Solar Cult and with other groups under the same wreath . Notice that the U. N. features the leaves surrounding the northern hemisphere indicating that the program of the U. N. is to place all nations under one rule, a hive-mind, and that the hemisphere is split into 33 divisions.  Please also note: The Anonymous globe is presented and divided into two stacks of 18, 6x6x6. The grid pattern reflects the checkerboard floor of the masonic tracing board, which means that every person has his assigned space on the board and move to play in the ruling elite’s game.

The symbolism of the laurel leaves on its own doesn’t hold much evidence, but it was the trigger for this investigation.

The Headless Man – Hive Mind, Truncated Pyramid

"Sic Semper Tyrannis" Thus always to tyrants, a favorite among conspirators including Marcus Junius Brutus, John Wilkes Booth, and Timothy McVeigh. The phrase was recommended by George Mason to the Virginia Convention in 1776, as part of the state's seal.

The bee and the hive have long been symbols of industry and regeneration, wisdom and obedience, with a place in Egyption, Roman and Christian symbolism. The hive is often seen in Masonic illustrations of the 18th and 19th century and both Clovis and Napoleon adopted the bee as their symbol.

Excerpt – Grand Lodge of British Columbia & Yukon

The bee is important in Masonic symbolism as a view of humanity as one hive-mind with no identity belonging to the human unit at all. The term E Pluribis Unum (out of many, one), which appears on the Great Seal of  The United States, is another expression of this psychopathic hive-mind faceless utopia: a future where people won’t need their heads because all the thinking has been done for them. Note that on the example on the right the orientation of the pentacles indicating a Luciferian (Solar cult) alliance and is also the symbol of the Masonic Order of the Eastern Star.

The headless man reflects the truncated pyramid of The Great Seal of the United States.  It communicates that The Great Work is always continuing, never completed. Publicly the truncated pyramid is said to be the perfection of man through the development of his intellect. The esoteric (inner, hidden, occult) meaning of this symbol is that it represents the hierarchy of the Masons. The fact that the cap stone is removed from the rest of the structure says that whoever controls the group at the top levels is beyond the group itself and to reach this level from the ranks is impossible. Furthermore, the curious nature of the all-seeing eye seems to indicate that the top levels of hierarchy exist beyond the world of matter or that the controlling faction may be non-physical entities. But for the purpose of this comparison of the article we will accept the public explanation of the icon as a representation of the unfinished man and the capstone as the intellect.

Freemasonry is formed into three basic lodges: the Blue Lodge, the beginning step which is divided into three stages or degrees; the York Rite, composed of ten more degrees; and the Scottish Rite with its total of thirty-two degrees of initiation. The invitation-only thirty-third degree represents the human head atop the thirty-three vertebrae of the back. This is the highest publicly known degree.

Jim Marrs

Thus a headless man may indicate that the group is ignorantly acting under the control of unknown entities and these entities are communicating to each other, through symbolism, that Anonymous is one of their pet projects.

The Tie – That Binds

Masonic Tie

Masonic Tie with hidden Skull and Bones. The Skull and Bones fraternity historically has had connections with CIA.

Activist anti-establishment groups with no leadership tend not to wear ties. It is interesting that the headless man (puppet) sports this symbol of bondage when the members are convinced they are all acting according their own will. Psychologically this could be interpreted as an attempt by the group to identify  with its oppressors to avoid harsh discipline. It means to say, “See, we’re a lot alike. Stop beating me.”

In the case of Anonymous the tie may be a symbol of Fraternity.

“The Masonic fraternity teaches the illusory goal that all who are initiated into its ranks are bonded by the “Mystic Tie” of fellowship. Of course, this is allegory, and yet the necktie does seem to have a special place in Masonic lore and symbology.

It is believed that both the bowtie and the traditional necktie are of Masonic symbolic design. The necktie has two triangles descending, a larger and a smaller. It is tied into a “knot” at the neck, signifying solidarity and unity. The neck itself, as a part of the human anatomy, represents the virtue of sacrifice. In terms of the secret order or secret society, it symbolizes sacrifice of the individual to the common good of the organization.

The necktie is also seen as a bridge to two other triangles — those of the shirt collar. All of the triangles, on the tie and on the shirt collar, have their point, or spear, downward, toward the realm that is the controlling force of Masonry.”                                                                                             –Click here for Source

The Manner of Dress for Initiation into the Blue Lodge of Masonry

The necktie is also evocative of the Masonic Cable Tow, the symbol of fraternity and servitude. To the subconscious, the words cable and cabal are nearly identical.

The tie on the headless man of Anonymous is the rope around the neck in the Blue Lodge initiation ceremony, the collar the  master tugs, and the rope the initiate is hanged with should he betray the Lodge’s trust.

The Question Mark – Mystes

Brazen Serpent

The Brazen Serpent, looking much like a question mark. The serpent is emblematic of Pythagoras, hero of Masonry.

“After passing successfully through the tortuous passageways, with their trials and dangers, the candidate received the honorary title of Mystes. This meant one who saw through a veil or had a clouded vision. It also signified that the candidate had been brought up to the veil, which would be torn away in the higher degree. The modern word mystic, as referring to a seeker after truth according to the dictates of the heart along the path of faith, is probably derived from this ancient word, for faith is belief in the reality of things unseen or veiled. ”

Click here for Source

The question mark implies mystery. Mystes is the root for the word mystery. If the headless man (puppet) is the truncated pyramid then the question mark is the all-seeing eye, the puppeteer. The shape of the question mark is serpentine, a favorite symbol of illumination among initiates.

The question mark has evolved from the latin qvaestio which simply meant question. O is the 15th letter of the alphabet and Q is the 17th. O makes a nice solar symbol and the circle, when there is a point in the middle, represents the earth’s path around the sun.

Egyptian hieroglyph wj Phoenician qoph Etruscan Q Greek Qoppa
PhoenicianQ-01.png EtruscanQ-01.svg GreekQ-01.png

The Semitic sound value of Qôp (perhaps originally qaw, “cord of wool”, and possibly based on an Egyptian hieroglyph) was /q/


The Fabian Society

Wool refers back to veil symbology; “to pull the wool over one’s eyes.” The Fabian Society, whose purpose is to advance the principles of democratic socialism and which the reader may remember from the video about bees, utilizes wool in its iconography of the wolf in sheep’s clothing. This means there is something  different within these organizations than what can be perceived from without.

The question mark is the unknown serpent puppeteer, the wool over the eyes that conceals the wolf. It is the organizing element controlling the hive-mind, the all-seeing eye, and the completion of the Magnum Opus.

Skull and Bones – Men of Fire

To most people this is the symbol of the pirate, and for Anonymous it represents a free exchange of copyrighted media. Pirates were the lap-dogs of aristocracy. While they traveled the waters they robbed and subjected natives to ready the lands for foreign occupation.Pirate set up universities and fraternal systems to reward psychopaths and prevent people who would oppose the system from achieving any influence.

Pirates (“Men of the Fire”) introduced pubs/bars as a way to keep the locals drunk and therefore passive. They sacrificed many. They stole, killed, raped and pillaged their way to…voila…be among the first to colonize America and discover the so-called “Ivy League” universities. They weren’t dumb, just filled with murderous passion and, of course, they were well financed by outside groups (most notably the Tudors).

Michael Tsarion

One such fraternity is the Skull and Bones, whose members include US presidents and CIA operatives. The image of the skull and crossed leg-bones is a major emblem of Masonry and the Knights Templar and supposedly conveys the transitory nature of mortality.

Solar Cult – Mystery Schools

Rays of Sunlight and the motto "Because none of us is as cruel as all of us."

A staple of the Mystery Schools, which determine significant aspects of the Illuminati, is solar worship. The Sun is at the center of every religious method of control. The Sun is the center of the Christian cross, the halos of the Saints, SOL in Solomon’s temple, RA in Israel.

Religious Imagery – Oldest Trick in the Book

Anonymous man stands crucified: A popular subliminal technique to trigger a strong emotional response.

"Eve" and the Serpent. Another blatent appeal to the subconscious.

Solar Rays and the Tudor Rose

Sub Rosa – Covert Operation

During the wars, many of the inns and hostels in the Yorkshire countryside had roses carved in the ceiling panels and beams of the bar rooms. Warlike matters discussed “under the rose” were treated as being very sensitive and not to be repeated to others under pain of death. Under-the-rose came to be accepted as a security classification and the term “Sub-Rosa” was used extensively to denote matters regarded as what one might call secret up to the early part of the twentieth century. Winston Churchill continued using the terms Sub-Rosa up to the start of World War II.

The symbol is now used extensively within countries of the former British Commonwealth, as well as those remaining in it, to denote a professional intelligence organisation.

The Intelligence Study Centre

More recently, “sub rosa” activities have become a byword for covert operations, usually by security services.


Guy Fawkes – Failed Jesuit Conspirator

Protester in Guy Fawkes Mask and (Templar / Pirate) Ship's Wheel

The mask was made popular by a motion picture, V for Vendetta. The historical Guy Fawkes was a catholic who got involved with The Gunpowder Plot. After his execution England began to celebrate Guy Fawkes night where they would burn an effigy of the man,  but this was just a veiled continuation of the Wicker Man ritual.

Wintour introduced Fawkes to Robert Catesby, who planned to assassinate King James I and restore a Catholic monarch to the throne. The plotters secured the lease to an undercroft beneath the House of Lords, and Fawkes was placed in charge of the gunpowder they stockpiled there. Prompted by the receipt of an anonymous letter, the authorities searched Westminster Palace during the early hours of 5 November, [note that Bill Cooper was murdered Nov. 5th, 2001. -ed.] and found Fawkes guarding the explosives. Over the next few days, he was questioned and tortured, and eventually he broke. Immediately before his execution on 31 January, Fawkes jumped from the scaffold where he was to be hanged and broke his neck, thus avoiding the agony of the drawing and quartering that followed.


It’s hard to imagine why this man is so revered. However, the Jesuits have sharpened their conspiratorial skills in the last few centuries and they can be found, usually with the CIA,  at the center of some of the world’s most horrific events.

Peter-Hans Kolvenbach, the General of the International Military Order of the Society of Jesus, commonly known as “the Black Pope”, ordered the attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on Tuesday, September 11, 2001, with the advice and consent of his General Staff, composed of five assistants (each representing a hemisphere and under whom are many advisory Provincials), an advisor (resembling the likes of a military commander to warn him of any faults or mistakes), and his confessor (to ease his conscience and absolve him of his many sins).

Click for Source

“I know first hand that the Vatican controls and monitors everything in Israel with the intention of destroying the Jews,” said Bishop Bouffard, adding the true purpose of the Jesuit Order is to orchestrate and control all leaders of the world in order to bring about a major worldwide conflict which will eventually destroy America, the Middle East and Israel.

Click for Source

Keep in mind that the Ku Klux Klan is the only other well-known group that hides behind masks in their public appearances.


What deductions can be inferred from the data related in this study of symbols?

Scenario One – “Coincidence Theory”

Every image used by Anonymous was chosen because ‘it looked cool at the time.’

Scenario Two – “Ambiguity Theory”

Anonymous is aware of the symbolism and is choosing to use it satirically, artistically, or as camouflage. (Don’t think we don’t appreciate the irony of this report appearing under DisInfoBahn’s bar-coded flag of the all seeing eye.)

Scenario Three: “Illuminati Theory”

There is an element at work in Anonymous that is using the group’s participants, who are doing good work, to further the agenda of the Illuminati. Remember that the fabled fruit is from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

For example: If a church sets up a soup kitchen for the purpose of controlling the hungry and the homeless, then ultimately the charity isn’t doing much good. The people that serve the soup are engaging in beneficial activity, but they are being manipulated by nefarious conspirators. Masonry, too,  is a tool that can be used for either freedom or enslavement. So it is for Anonymous.

We agree that Anonymous members are right to take down Facebook (the data-mine of the fascists), and that Wall Street should be occupied by anarchists. But what good is it if one covert government agency attacks another? Is that not the definition of a false-flag attack? The result would be a government crackdown on people’s rights to freely communicate, which is a big goal for the Illuminati, a perfect example of the Hegelian Dialectic.

We are willing to speculate that Anonymous could be used to activate Project Monarch subjects or another mind control project. Anonymous members may find themselves blamed for the actions of CIA-funded murderers if life-supporting infrastructure is hacked and disabled.

This group may well be part of “The Second Matrix.” Anonymous fulfills the need to rebel against the System while satisfying the objectives of the System. People are made to feel that they have been initiated into an exclusive cabal and that they are smarter than the average citizen. They are offered a ready-made “online revolution package” while the New World Order quietly collects data on Anonymous members, some of who may dabble in revolution with less conviction than they have for maintaining their virtual farms. This data is used to trap people into working for the Illuminati, or it is saved to ruin people’s lives in the future. It is pure COINTELPRO (Counter Intelligence Program),  which historically has been successful in subverting well organized activist groups with strict hierarchies. A group “without leadership,” like Anonymous, should be fairly easy to infiltrate.

The information you share with Anonymous could wind up in anyone’s hands. Be very careful with this group, and especially with AnonOps:

Take everything AnonOps says with a grain of salt. They’re putting out lies and not telling the whole story.

“Owen [who helps to shape the conversation and planning in IRC]  has […] told me that he doesn’t really give a sh[-]t about freedom of speech..”

Click here for Source


51 thoughts on “Analysis of Esoteric Iconography used by ‘Anonymous’

  1. Pop quiz: Who holds the global monopoly for fomenting revolution over the last 50 years of human history?

    What organizations’ stock and trade are the business of over-throwing governments?

    Who has greater influence on ‘government’ in establishing its agendas, methodologies and policies?
    Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Wall street? Or voters and the doomed fools they condemn by ballot to lives of extortion, ‘secrecy’ and lies?

    Who said in order to control dissent, one must first lead it?

    If such an organization, with such a philosophy, operating at the perennial behest of the richest 1/10 of 1% of the world’s wealthiest individuals, families and ‘attachments’ (beyond accountability to any legal entity or government authority), has been directed to deploy it’s effect domestically… is it reasonable to expect that an alternative to the current system under attack has been prepared, and that those who would maintain “power” may hold a very low value on the lives and futures being led to revolt?

    Last question… a poll really… How many are in favor of pulling off a few planks from the side of this big wooden horse before we bring it into the yard? Maybe, fumigate it in case it has harmful invasive bugs…

    (Knocking) Hey Trojans! We’re not letting you in just because the folks down at you-tube think your cool…. ya smellin the smoke yet?

  2. stop looking into things that aren’t there,you’re way to paranoid.
    There is no such thing as an organized entity by the name Anonymous,organizations that do go by that name are not affiliated with the original Anonymous collective,It’s origins come from an imageboard inhabited by basement-dwellers,weeaboos,nerds,and people with weird fetishes,where it’s the norm to post anonymously as opposed to using a name.
    The idea of Anonymous as collective force started with raids that had no other purpose as “for the lulz”and they had no organized structure.
    The attacks against Scientology started as being “for the lulz”but was eventually hijacked by moralfags,around the same time the V-for Vendetta masks became popular,the idea of Anonymous as a collective was eventually used by the moralfags for their internet hacktivism and again there is no organised structure within those groups of random people who identify themselves with Anonymous.
    What u believe is “Anonymous”is nothing more then a bunch of bored teenagers and scriptkiddies,perhaps like 5 actual haxorz who think they can change the world.
    Anonymous is an internet subculture of which the hacktivists only make up a small percentage,and in fact despised by most anons.

    • It doesn’t matter much how the ‘Anonymous’ subculture may have started. For example: For a thousand years the swastika was used world-wide in a benign matter to express the natural spiral cycles of time, death, and rebirth (it was called a ‘lucky star’ and pretty popular in the US during WWI), but it took just a few national socialists backed by some globalist bankers (and the false-flag Reichstag fire to insure that the Nazis gained total power in Germany) to soil the swastika forever and now an important part of human symbolic language is lost.

      What we are saying here is that ‘Anonymous’ could be used (and most likely is) by covert government/illuminati agencies. If they infiltrated the Black Panthers and used Wall-Street to create Socialism, then this ‘leaderless’ organization would be a piece of cake. If internet control is the goal, then this group, despite all the nice teenaged scripters who use the ‘Anonymous’ brand to label themselves, is a perfect patsy for whatever false-flag cyber-attack (FaceBook Nov 5th? (10th anniversary of Bill Cooper’s murder)) will commence in order to achieve the goal of net-control.

      You may know the origins of ‘Anonymous’ as I know the origins of the swastika, but that doesn’t matter. What is important is what the 99.9% of the rest of the population has been programmed to know. The EU cracks down on peaceful Hindus and Buddhists who religiously use the swastika, and maniac US cops kick down kids’ doors who are suspected of association with Anonymous.

      No matter what your world-view may be, understand that the people who run the show are obsessed with ritual. ‘Spear of Destiny’ by Ravencroft shows how the highest levels of government function at an occult ritual level. Symbols are a big part of the ritual and affect everyone. A major aspect of the ritual is that the participants and sacrificial lambs must be totally informed and willing to engage in the ritual. Because the majority of the world has been kept symbol-illiterate people are being told they are being thrown under the bus without realizing it.

      Finally: remember that ‘Al-Qaeda’ used to be a name given to a data-base of people of interest. There was no organization that called itself ‘Al-Qaeda’ but somehow they orchestrated many terror attacks and people that are vaguely associated with ‘Al-Qaeda’ are prevented from enjoying liberties most people take for granted. It didn’t take an Al-Qaeda manifesto, only a little money and disinformation.

  3. the person writing this seem to have no experience in the cultures that anonymous springs from, hacking, 4chan, teen tinkerers that turn into disgruntled adults, and the underground of the internet. the man is in a suit and tie to mock and hide amongst the enemy, you know anonymous for the mask, but the best work is done when you don’t know they’ve been there, we can dress in suits too and they’re busy looking for the punks and black bloc. there’s a question mark instead of a head because the anonymous man is everybody and nobody, we are anonymous, we are legion, and so is everyone else. the globe and wreath are hijacking the same basic world-wide seal idea that’s been used forever to indicate we are everywhere and it’s our planet too. it’s common practice to use your enemies symbols against them be it in mockery, because they’re recognizable, or because you’re actively hijacking them.

    • Check our reply to the other comment. The origins of Anonymous are irrelevant. What will be done under the name ‘Anonymous,’ whether these acts are done by the group or a CIA poseur claiming to be ‘Anonymous’ is what counts. 19th Century Anarchists were, for the most part, intellectuals writing academically for the benefit of teach other. It took a little money and gunpowder to keep 99.9% of the people trained to think of anarchists as bomb-toting maniacs. National Socialism didn’t occur naturally from the psyche of the German people. It had to be written and indoctrinated into the zeitgeist. We saw it happen to the punk-rock scene in the eighties. We feel we are watching this happen to ‘Anonymous.’

      The same thing happened to Freemasonry. There were good people using Freemasonry to do good things for centuries until the infiltration. Hitler is portrayed as vehemently anti-masonic. The truth is he was only anti-oppositional-masonic. There were plenty of 3rd Reich Masons, and they were the only Masons left in Germany after the Nazi’s got through with Freemasonry.

      Your explanation of there symbology is what is referred to as ‘exoteric.’ These are simple explanations given to the public and the lowest members of the initiates to satisfy the fleeting curiosity most people are willing to invest in learning anything. Another tactic in disinformation is convincing the initiate he has attained the highest level possible from his station and that he knows all there is to possibly know about the group. For more information about this tactic, please refer to The Capitalist Conspiracy which explains the process of hiding a cabal inside another group. What that saying about the Devil’s greatest trick? It was something about convincing the word he didn’t exist, right?

      Arguing that the conditions of the inception of an event (Anonymous) remain constant over time is fallacious. DisInfoBahn was there for FidoNet Echomail at blazing 300 baud. Our first BBS was on a TRS-80 Color Computer. That has no relevance to what we do today.

      • or those in power, who are members of real conspiracies, and in control are so afraid of anonymous that they are willing to use anonymous’ hijacking of their established symbols and such to claim that they are in fact being controlled by a secret club or a cabal as you and others have put it like what they are in order to discredit them.

      • We aren’t sure what your last 9 words mean but we can assure you that “members of real conspiracies” are in NO WAY afraid of Anonymous. The United States and Wall Street are just great-great-grand babies of this control system. A couple hundred years ago they learned the best way to control revolution is to stage it and direct it into “fireproof” channels. Check out the article Occupy Wall Street, A Globalist Op for more about this.

        In addition to staging and controlling revolutions, this ancient control system set up the educational system to be so woefully inadequate that the human products of the schools are functionally illiterate. One has no choice but to slave for the system if one can’t write or speak clearly and concisely, detect fallacious reasoning, or form sound arguments. These are all skills taught to the elite in private schools so they can rule over us. Language is a weapon.

    • anomylous

      they are on the TV , highly propagandized, they “support” wikileaks (which is CIA – PSYOPS/COINTEL/DISINFO) pull off major hacks across the internet(internet chaos, or “internet wars”), they are in the mainstream, the alternative, the porcelain masks they wear are actually related to MKultra programming, used in programming sessions. they display agent provocateur techniques, relate themseleves with anarchists, violence, threats, and general petty criminal mischief in a thuggish way.

      “anonymous” is DEFINITELY NOT who you might think they are. if you “think” your a member now, or really are a member, or support, associate with any of them, then you are being manipulated by intelligence agencies.

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  5. Excellent article. Some more links to the ‘Anonymous’ cult-

    ‘The Movement’ is (promoting) Anonymous- (The Movement) (The Movement, youtube) (Freedominfo youtube) (“The Plan” 1 year. 3 phases. A world of change.) (nice domain name)

    ‘The Meritocracy Party’ is related to the above and seems to have been an attempt at creating a political movement with a hidden agenda apart from the nebulous notion of a Meritocracy. Note question regarding Menwith Hill on the forum. (The Meritocracy Party) (Menwith Hill???)

    Behind these is this strange outfit, the spiritual wing of the above, purporting to be ‘The Illuminati’ who are the good guys unlike the nasty Freemasons. Oh and it’s silly not to believe the official 9-11 story. (Illumination: the Secret Religion – How to Become God)

  6. What made you think that that skull and bones necktie is a Masonic necktie? Just because it has the crossbones in it doesn’t mean that it’s Masonic.

  7. Notice the letter O is the symbol of an eye. When only the O is painted in red, it means the all seeing eye. Like in the brand, Mobil and much more to find. Also look at the 1 and 2 euro coin. Only these coins have an O shaped silver and golden piece. Which means an eye because check out the O in the word euro. The O of euro has been mide on the silver and golden circle! 1 dollar bill, we can also find the O when turning the pyramid up side down the O can be found on top of the pyramid. The V up side down is the symbol of a pyramid. For example, original old logo Nasa, car brand kia, samsung and even on the disclosure project by Dr. steven greer! Go to his website and u will find out the V up side down has a star in it which reveals the all seeing eye, which is of course our third eye!
    Now if u look at the original logo of Vendetta, u will see a red circle with a V inside! And V in red is also the logo of Anonymous. Last thing I would like to say is about the number 6. I’m sure u all know what it really means but I have something new to add. We have in total of 7 chakra’s. Our third eye is the sixth chakra. So I think 666 also mean the third eye because there are three eye’s in 666. And three eyes has the shape of a pyramid. In other words, the illuminati loves to use our third eye as their freaken symbol and hide it in every way they can think of.

    • More 666:

      There are 6 protons, 6 electrons, and 6 neutrons in the carbon atom.
      Geographic North Pole is tilted 23.4 degrees from perpendicular to the orbital equator of the the Earth’s path around the sun. That makes it 66.6 degrees off the orbital equator.

  8. The usual half informed crap.
    And for those who do not know, Lucifer has never been associated with the Sun.
    The association is with Venus, aka “Lucifer” in Latin (the light bearer). That’s what references to “star” means.
    These sites are just a bunch of idiots quoting each other and creating their own paranoid conspiracy mythology.

    • In esoteric iconography there are three suns, the physical, intellectual, and spiritual sun. In addition to the physical planet Venus, (which I think is a lazy association because it assumes that “morning star” means Venus across the languages. (But its associated with Venus anyway, despite that fact that Venus has almost NO Luciferian elements.)) Lucifer is associated with the sun of the intellect. This tradition stems from the story of Prometheus who brought the fire of intellect to mankind.

      And Lucifer is cooler than calling people he never met “idiots.”

      Not all Luciferians are globalist control freaks, neither are all Freemasons. I’m a orthodox non-practicing Buddhist Gnostic Luciferian ( and its possible to adopt the Luciferian philosophy without being anti-christian.)

      Please don’t try to hurt my fuh-fuh-feelings with name-calling again, OK? (sniff.)

      • So, Mr Luciferian. For full marks explain the connection between Lucifer and the pentacle.
        BTW, the idiots to whom I refer are the lunatic conspiracy theorists.

      • Wow, no one’s ever replied to the reply. Cheers, yo!

        I see where you might be going as the Venusian orbit is near a 13:8 ratio of the earth’s orbit and traces a pentagrammic sequence.

        There is also the Goat of Mendes, or Baphomet, and the goat and ram are symbols of intellect in alchemical and masonic art which is why you see the goat wearing a horn of plenty on its head so often: to harvest the intellect. The Levi Baphomet is crowned with a pentagram and the Sigil of Baphomet uses the same pentagram, inverted.

        But I think the true nature of the pentagram boils down to simple sacred geometry, the pentagram is made of lines that intersect to create four segments that are in Golden Ratio to each other. The golden ratio is the key to the natural world (for instance, every edible fruit blooms from a 5 petalled flower) and this is the knowledge concealed in the exoteric obfuscationist art and literature. It has been said the uttering the word “dodecahedron” (a platonic solid consisting of twelve pentagons) outside the mystery school would get one killed, so the waters have been deliberately muddied around this concept.

      • The thing is, mythology is not static.
        Most of the mythology of Lucifer/Satan comes from two sources.
        The first is the literature of Dante and Milton.
        The second is the occultism of the 19th century, and is still evolving with the peculiarly American interpretation of Revelation and its focus on the Rapture. By the time we get *here* it’s all a gigantic conspiracy orchestrated by the Jewish Masonic New World Order Reptilian Alien Nazi Transhumanist Luciferian Satanists. Not a sparrow farts without them being behind it. It’s the Alex Jones synthesis of utter crap that I despise. It’s followers I either laugh at or pity, as the mood takes me.
        And since you seem to know something of this field, you will understand that if you look for evidence of *anything*, no matter how ludicrous, you will find it. I’ll watch Iron Sun, and probably enjoy it. However, I won’t be pinning pictures of Maria Orsic on the wall and living my life as if it the movie was a thinly disguised factual documentary.

  9. There is a relationship between conspiracy and the principles organizing human affairs, extending further than the languages you can use to describe them… From “out here”, Dirk, one can perceive that you are attempting to disqualify the validity of William’s analysis by conflating it with emotionally front loaded concepts, inculcated to the popular lexicon as catchalls for that which is unworthy of consideration… It is clear you are out of your depth… “Satan” equates to a modern-day prosecutor, a kind of cosmic or karmic clerk. Lucifer, as a principle required for the construction of the part of the universe that allows for the perception of matter, time, gravity and perhaps even a conduit for consciousness to interact within those contexts. They are light years apart as principals in the play. Your comments reveal that you have allowed “belief” to arrest any further consideration of information that challenges what you have accepted to be truth or fact… And to what end? Do you consider that those who would benefit by controlling popular uprisings occurring in the “here” of the ever-evolving human myth-base should go unexamined? Or do you hold that all symbolism is irrelevant? If you had engaged the argument with a little less invective and a little more research you would almost have made the mark yourself. You are slightly better informed than most garden variety trolls but your methods belie your motive.

    • “Or do you hold that all symbolism is irrelevant?”

      Strangely, yes.
      Or, at least all modern (say, post 1990s, or even post Shea and Wilson) such symbolism is invalid since so much of it has entered the public consciousness. The result is that people play with it. That is, “people” ranging from comic book authors to Hollywood PR departments. It’s just another flavour of wallpaper.
      Any argument such as that above has to take this into account. If the Illuminati et al do exist, they will almost certainly be lost in the noise. That’s why analyses of (say) modern movies for “Illuminati” symbolism is an utter waste of time, and is ultimately meaningless.

      • The most effective mind control is that which cannot be detected. Whether or not the ‘Illuminati’ is an organized controlling element in society doesn’t matter. Its whether people operate in a manner consistent with the ‘Illuminati’ myth.

        Agreed: mythology and symbolism are mutable, a butter churn means something much different to Snoop Dogg than to a person of the past who had to regularly operate it, or to a modern historian or recreationist.

        Disagreed: symbolism is highly relevant. Try burning a flag, or raising a Nazi flag, or painting Jesus giving head, or pissing on Taliban corpses. The actual relevance is…irrelevant, it only matters how it affects the behavior of others that may or may not operate under that particular paradigm.

        Hollywood IS mind control and the symbols they use are used because they mean something to people, but they also mean something because of the manner they are used. Enter (to enter) – tain (to hold) – ment (the mind). Again, the actual etymology is irrelevant, its how the mind operates and interprets language.

        “We do not live in the world as it is, we live in the world as we think it is.” – Manly Palmer Hall, 33rd degree.

        Anarchists see conspiracy everywhere, and they are right. Government requires conspiracy to operate.

        Lovin’ the word operate today…

        “All I know is I don’t know nuthin.” -Operation Ivy

        “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.”. – Socrates

      • To reply to Pilgrim’s point.
        I agree that the best mind control is that which cannot be detected, and pretty much the rest of what you said. However, I do not believe that the iconography tells the same story now as it did (say) 50 years ago. It has on its primary level become debased. It is the next level up that needs looking at. The conspiracies (plural – not a vast monolithic one) do not neatly label themselves for “insiders” who now include everyone with a Net connection who googles “Illuminati”. Look at the conspiracy theories as new mythology, following directly on from and including UFO mythology. Also, it is not enough just to shout “Cui Bono” because if the event is big enough some rich and powerful person or group will *always* benefit. Move to the level of meta-mythology and look what is driving that, and where it is driving it to. What is pushing towards the idea that the world is controlled by a vast, infallible and evil conspiracy in which Joe Average is utterly powerless?

      • Well, books need conflict to be compelling. And Alex Jones has a lot of (bad ass) water filters to sell. Its easy to sell an “you are right its us v. them” theory, which keeps people from making allies and serves the COINTELPRO agenda. Alex Jones has been very helpful in getting dissenters to expose themselves.

        The fundamental philosophical problem of “truth, knowledge, and belief,” along with the nature of thought and intellect infects this issue. Are thoughts constructs of the physical brain? And if they are, how is that many people can share the same idea unless thoughts exist outside of the human hosts? Truth can exist totally independent of people and never be discovered. When does belief become knowledge and is knowledge dependent on the condition of the physical realm?

        The ‘truth’ is probably pretty boring, but it is potentially horrific: consensual global fascism. The only conspiracy still needed is the one used to conceal the fact that government is global and owns everything. The ‘Federal Reserve’ didn’t bankrupt the U$A in an underhanded banking scheme, it made both parties mutually richer (with an underhanded, legal, banking scheme.) The British Empire, Zionists, United States, Communist Regime, all the same. Boring homogenized crap.

      • Here’s another interpretation of conspiracy theory.
        Namely, there is no vast infallible conspiracy but it suits many powerful interests to have people believe that there is.
        For two reasons. First, we are living in a uniquely fluid time, more so than any period since WW2. During the Cold War the whole political process of the planet was frozen into one of two seemingly immovable camps. Then the USA won and things loosened up a bit, but the only choice was the “winning” side. Recently the limits of US power and influence have dramatically faded even though its military budget is bigger now than any time since the 70s. Challengers are arising.

        Ordinary people now have vastly more power to alter the future of the world than at any time in the past 60 years. *Unless* they can be convinced that they cannot, because it’s all nailed down solid by The Illuminati New World Order. And the result? Mass apathy.

        Even better, those who *might* be activist enough can be diverted from creating real change by having them hare off after ghosts. Honestly, has the New World Order (in the conspiracy genre) *ever* been defeated *ever*? Of course, it’s endlessly “exposed”, and even its members named. But to what effect? Merely to ramp up the infallibility and power of the “conspiracy”.

        So, who benefits from an apathetic and defeated populace, with the occasional strike back being against a non existent entity? Conspiracy nuts are not only their own worst enemies, but ours as well.

        Anyway, that’s my last word on the topic

      • Here’s the short answer on my end: Reality is a placebo effect. That is the heart of all Mystery, the raw data that makes its way through the veil of myth. It is powerful knowledge and very dangerous so the Mystery Schools were created to filter out those who weren’t going to be responsible with the Mystery. Eventually the schools became infiltrated, the Mystery became Manipulation by using the knowledge of parts of the Mystery (of psychology, for instance) for material gain, and the filter was being used to eliminate the un-corruptable. This is the source of all conspiracy theory. Reality is Tinkerbell, clap your hands if you believe.

        “Reality is an illusion, albeit a persistent one.” -Einstein

  10. But if the “Illuminati” do exist they would benefit most by the wholesale acceptance of your stated point of view… In fact, they have an advocate in you… “The devils best trick” gambit…right? Seems like it would require a lot of faith to take a position like that… So, if you see a purple warning flag at the beach do you swim anyway? What about the analysis of architecture, or the patterns of empire throughout history? All useless? Go back to sleep? Nothing to see here? The only thing you have accomplished in your comments is to prove your own intellectual laziness where it comes to subjects which challenge your BELIEFS. I think you are correct on one point though, the so called “Illuminati” will be lost and it will be noisy as they go. The topic under discussion is about something quite different than analyzing movie symbolism. This is about how and who will inform the dialectic of modern revolution… Perhaps it is wise to consider all viewpoints with an eye to what is relevant to (and bearing on) what is transpiring in physical reality. Nature has it’s own system of symbols; ignore them at your peril. Those who have subverted the nature of humanity through symbolism are aware of how certain images, patterns, sounds and colors evoke response. I would encourage you to look into the history of Public Relations as a starting point. You can keep trying to get people to ignore uncomfortable facts by ridiculing any ideas which don’t conform to your own programming, or you can grow a set and try to produce something of value. Broad-brushing and ridicule are the tired techniques of those who defend the status quo against those that would seek more harmonious, effective and sustainable models for existence. Why do you do it? Where is the paycheck? What do you have to contribute besides the intellectual vandalism your philosophy 101 professors put you in debt to spread? Meaningless symbolism? With what do you pay for your food? How did it become a world reserve currency? How has it’s (perceived) value changed in your lifetime? What symbols does it convey that it could transcend every barrier of language to become thought of as having value worthy of a humans work anywhere on the planet?

    If it is meaningless to search for meaning, then what by your vouch is meaningful?

    You mentioned Shea and Wilson… which of each? I descend from a famous Wilson… Who is Shea and how do they relate to the effectiveness of symbolism in mass consciousness?

  11. Thanks, if you are the same as the author, you have my apology for underestimating your intelligence. There is clearly a developed talent at work and merit in the approaches outlined (as much as can be discerned in a 10 minute scan of the links and materials). I still think you are underestimating the value of the analysis in question. It seems curious that you would seek to nullify a body of work which, if effective, could have the result of leading others into alignment with the consensus to which you affiliate… Kind of like a spiritual low-level formatting… Oh, It just occurred to me! It’s the Luciferian thing! Perhaps there is an emotional residue that conflicts linguistically. I sense a minor culture clash at work here. musical differences maybe. Pilgrim is pure Punk Rock… -Tried lecturing him on the inherent risks of ism based anything… Lucifer, Buddha, Gnostic… I think he’s reaching as far back as the language in which he thinks will allow to describe his experience of “existence”. Apply your bit-flipping filter and have another look.

    It’s appreciable, the way your martial arts training shows in your writing… and photo…(My kind of scarey). Thanks for the search specs. I’d buy your book, but 3 used from $453.65 on Amazon? seems a little high. If you put it on Kindle for around $20 I can expense it!

    I do have a couple of questions for you, off topic.
    Do you think the new auto-engineered varieties of humans will still be able to support novel souls in their body matrix, or Is that irrelevant in your view?

  12. OK – yes, I am the author.
    It’s not the Luciferian aspect that wound me up, it’s the conspiracy angle.
    I actually know several people who are into it and they believe total shit, with no amount of contradictory evidence altering their views. Now, you may think that it’s fairly harmless except one of them is into Jewish Conspiracy theory, thinks it a pity Hitler did not get all of them and works towards helping the remainder into future gas chambers.
    I also personally know some of the people occasionally singled out by the Alex Jones types. It all sounds plausible – right up to the point where I know with 100% factual knowledge that what they are saying is utterly wrong. Plus, people do act on these beliefs eg Unabomber

    Going back to the original topic, of Anonymous and its iconography, there are two interpretations. The first is that Anonymous is some kind of Illuminati “front” and they just can’t help outing themselves like this. Or, there are people like me (and presumably you) on board who like fucking with the heads of conspiracy nuts. I know that’s how ZS is going to play it – we have even discussed ratting ourselves out to Alex Jones at some point (anonymously, of course).

    BTW, TechnoMage should be available for $37 on Amazon You can get it through the link on my page from Lulu:


    As for your last question about souls, first define what a soul is.
    My email address is

  13. Although I fully concur with your analysis, I must assert that the quasi-organized, Guy Fawkes-mask wearing hacktivist counter-cult is a mere spinoff of the original 4Chan virtual community. What led me to investigate the former is their persecution of the Killtown stalker gang, a Discordian e-cult that purports TV Fakery on 9/11, as well as an Al-Qaeda media cell (dubbed WQ2RX) involved in said hoaxes and subsequent distortion/obfuscation of the true nature of the attacks.

    There is some commendable insight in these comments . . . as long as the publicly organizing Anonymous members choose to gather in predictable mob fashion, covert infiltration by an intelligentsia is certainly plausible. However, if the said hacktivists/AnonOps are as sophisticated as they appear, they HAVE to have this in mind when they exercise their free will. Whatever happens, I’m sure the results will be “entertaining”. lol

  14. Very interesting article and comments. I thought I would quote a part of a comment so I can then say how I see things: “Move to the level of meta-mythology and look what is driving that, and where it is driving it to. What is pushing towards the idea that the world is controlled by a vast, infallible and evil conspiracy in which Joe Average is utterly powerless?”
    I suppose we could look at ‘meta-mythology’ as the looking at all mythologies, including our own. This is what I explore anyway. Mythologies emphasize IMAGES, and of course the IMAG(E)INATION is source of these images. Mythos came long before the invention of writing, and we also dream images (rarely text, or talking), and people who in this culture who have spontaneous visionary experiences deemed by this culture steeped in the myth of scientific materialism and its myh of mental illness calls these experiences ‘mental illness’ ‘psychosis’ ‘schizophrenia’ ‘bipolar’ and then demands they be ‘treated’ with ‘medication’ which suppresses these IMAGES. So there alone is a HUGE clue of the matrix we are in, which even tries to control your IMAGin ation.

    In the article I noted it say how the elite depend on us not being AWARE of the symbols they use. This is being IMAGE-illiterate isn’t it? Think about it: the possibility that behind the scenes we have an elite steeped in the secret societies and their occultist symbolism and priactices and YET devise an enforced ‘education’ system millions of children all over the world have to attend which indoctrinates scientific materialism!! Now this myth is that you are a robot. A skin-bag of chemicals, and if theese chemical become ‘unbalanced’ they have the ‘treatment’ on hand to bring you back to ‘normalcy’. Also, that nature is ‘dead’ and there is no real meaning on deep levels, and our only purpose is to be productive and consume because when we’re dead we’re dead.
    So THIS is creating an IMAGE of ourselves right? Who does this serve?

    The preceding myth (which bleeds still into this one, and is the one this one emerged from) was the orthodox Christian myth which guilts you for being born in ‘original sin’, and in-forming you that nature and your body and nature is ‘fallen’. Again this is an IMAGE of yourself being pushed on you via violence. WHO does it serve? Do we see a connection between these–what I call–TOXIC myths (myths designed to manipulate and divide and enslave)? Both myths de-grade you don’t they? Why?

    Now I am not anti-mythology, because I know that the deeper parts of us are image-based, pre-literal. Like I said we dream in images. The controlling elite KNOW this and so are manipulating us with images and text and words, and we HAVE to wake up to this! because is we feel de-graded, then thats how we feel–no matter what we want changed. It is important to see right through what they are doing.

    Have any of you heard of Lunar mythology? Lunar mythology is far more ancient than solar mythology and therefore is vital to be aware of. I know that most, if not all the male researchers into ‘conspiracy theory’ are not aware of it, or deleberately block it and also further demonize it. Take David Icke and his moon theories. Here we have this dude who claims to know so much and yet is SO oblivious to this very ancient Lunar mythology which holdds the moon as sacred and symbolic of the wholeness of life death and regeneration. He rather claims it is an illusion created by evil entities who use it as a base where they can fuck with our minds! That is what I very much call a toxic myth–an utterly paranoid story.
    Here is a video about Lunar mythology. It is good, but I do not agree with all she–Anne Bareing says. For one she is a Jungian, and I see Jung as being part of the New Age and solar cult. So for example when she claims that the Kabbalah and Gnosticism are part of the Lunar mythology, I feel she has that wrong, but there is great value to other information she shares. A better person to read about Lunar mythology, who also rightly critiques Jungianism is Monica Sjoo, and her books The Great Cosmic Mother: Rediscovering the Religion of the Earth, and Return of the Dark/Light Mother or new Age Armageddon? Towards a Feminist Vision of the Future. Monica Sjoo exposes the New Age and its ancient solar mythological roots.

  15. part 2–I forgot to link you to the video. Here it is (I am not sure of the code for this format so will just give you title and url. Either copy title to Youtube search bar, or url to main searchbox–of course the link may activate lol)
    Feminine Archetype / Lunar Mythology

    Just some more thoughts–as well as dream in images, and some of us may have powerful spontaneous visionary experiences which are also mythical (a great book about all of this is called Trials of the Visionary Mind: Spiritual Emergency and the Renewal Process, by John Weir Perry), there is also psychedelic experience which inspires visionary experiences also when we shut eyes, or in the dark. With eyes open we seem to see extrardinarily deeper into nature, etc. Notice how BOTH mythologies, Christian and secular prohibit these experiences with its Inquisition and the so-called ‘War on Drugs’. There is another hint—-seeing connection through the generations of an elite conspiracy to enslave peoples it deems inferior, as well as all other species.

    • Thank you for your comments. You may be interested in a piece that I wrote that explores the function of symbols a bit deeper entitled: Disrupting the Control System – The Exodus out of Babylon

      I would be interested in reading your take on that article.

      However, to me, your comments here address an issue not covered in either article: the philosophic ambiguity of truth, knowledge, and belief (TKB). This particularly concerns the topic of mythology, which I will address shortly.

      Of course not all may agree with myview, but if the “matter” can be assessed from many perspectives, then it might be possible to discard contradictions and determine a common jumping point to continue the discussion with coherent grammar.

      To start with etymology: “Image” stems from imitari, “to copy, imitate.” “Symbol” is syn “together” and bole “to throw” – a conglomeration.

      For me, an image is much less than a symbol. Any number of gadgets can create or capture an image. When we use the term “capture” an image, it implies that the image already existed outside of our perception. Furthermore, our perception is flawed so that an image can appear differently to an individual at different times without actually changing physically.

      Symbols can’t exist without consciousness. An image can be a symbol, but so can a person or institution. Symbols exist outside of physicality. A single symbol can be held in multiple minds at once. A single symbol can hold multiple meanings at once. This is where our TKB problem begins to emerge.

      I recently heard a John Taylor Gotto interview in which he tackles the truth of mythology. He was illustrating the holes in modern schooling with an anecdote about an interviewer who didn’t know the difference between simile and metaphor. The interviewer said repeatedly: “But myths aren’t true, right?”

      Gotto asked “Is a metaphor true?” And asked for any metaphor as an example, to which the interviewer told Gotto to give him an example.

      Eventually the interviewer came up with: “So and so runs fast. People say he runs like a deer.”

      “No […] The metaphor would be ‘So and so is a deer.'” Then he explains that the statement is not true, unless you understand the metaphor.

      So a myth can be non-factual but also true.

      (Link to interview: )

      Sorry, it seems I’ve gone nowhere with this and until “reality” is fully understood (and it can’t be), “truth” will never be a certainty. (We’ll never know what TKB is. We can only say what these things are not, at least in this point of our evolution.)

      I can, however, use one of your examples as one of those “common jumping points” to illustrate where I’m trying to go with this.

      Let’s consider the mythology of “original sin.” It is degrading for the majority of people that have lived since the myth was created (and people they are, never “sheople.” I hate that dehumanizing shit.) However the myth served the elite very well in controlling the minds of these people. But if the people could decode the myth they might discover the “truth” of the (non factual) metaphor. The “Fall” and “Original Sin” then become psychological states that are common to all people, and this knowledge of one’s own psychology prevents the elite from using the same knowledge against the person. The people can use this knowledge as their own healing tool, or even as their own weapon against their oppressors.

      For me, mythology is a lot like music. People create it because they like it. They both attempt to express something that cannot be defined (outside of describing what the thing is not.) Like a musical score in a movie, mythology can be subjugated to steer human nature (which is ironically what mythology is meant to reveal.)

      Metaphorically: Mythology is a hammer that can either build a house or tear it down.

      I am writing all of this while I’m supposed to be working, so I haven’t watched the video link yet, but I will. And I appreciate you sending me there.

      I look forward to your comments on the “Disrupting the Power System” piece.



      • You can tell everyone about this, and it will not make a scrap of difference because by the time they can understand it they don’t need it. And if they don’t understand already, it is just meaningless to them. The Tao that can be spoken is not the eternal Tao. You can only tell people what they already know.

      • “The Tao that can be spoken is not the eternal Tao.”

        That’s an example of what I mean by not being able to define what something is, but finding it by defining what a thing is not.

        Ineffable things are like that. But that doesn’t make the exercise futile.

      • Funny you should mention that parable.

        When “The Secret” was a new thing a friend that was pretty excited about the whole thing brought me the DVD saying “Here. Watch this. It should be right up your alley.”

        After I watched it he asked me what I thought of it.

        “Materialistic bullshit. Where’s the humanity? What about peace and hunger? Fucking BMWs and boats and nice houses to die in. Fuck that shit. I’m gonna keep living in a van.”

        Well just recently we ran across each other and we got on “The Secret” subject and I asked his continued experience with it.

        “Ya know? The real value of that whole thing was that it showed me how my consciousness affects reality. Morphic Resonance stuff. I’m learning things now I would have never heard of if I hadn’t read that book.”

        Later, I thought about that parable and thought, “Tricky Dharma.”

      • “The Tao that can be spoken is not the eternal Tao.”

        That’s an example of what I mean by not being able to define what something is, but finding it by defining what a thing is not.

        Ineffable things are like that. But that doesn’t make the exercise futile.

  16. Because this vast subject is so complex I thought for simplicity’s sake I would choose to address certain parts of your article with separate posts. I hear you using Jungian meaning of ‘Self’ quite a bit? I am VERY aware the power Jungian thought holds over us who are trying to understand what is going on with ourselves and the world. His influence is quite big in the New Age, and has been called the father of the new age, so this has led me to look closer at critiques of him. As it happens I am currently exploring deeper ways of understanding ‘madness’. Using that term I am using it the way it is meant in the Mad Pride Movement where madness is not an insult, but is embraced as a natural occurrence of some people faced with an insane world whereby they will manifest various reactions, even visions and so on which are attempts to both heal the individual and the culture. As you may know there have been attempts by amazing people to provide caring loving support for people going through these deep experiences which this culture calls ‘mental illness’, and one person John Weir Perry founded a place called Diabasis, and explains all about what happened in his book Trials of the Visionary Mind: Spiritual Emergency The Renewal Process. He was a trained Jungian, but also in some cases goes beyond that. However what interests me is a trying to understand Madness whilst also understanding the limitations of Junigan concepts like his concept of the ‘Self’—this will be explained about in a moment.
    The best critiques against Jung come from women. For example, please checkout this article:
    Chapter 3: The Feminist Critique of the Separated Self

    Here are some quotes from the article which will give a gist of what I mean:

    “”For Keller, traditional paradigms about the self reflect the notion that humanity is separated in nature. She relates such traditional ideas about humanity to the notion of the “separate self”. The separate self, she informs us, is an understanding of self that is rooted in the radical separation of mind and body.3 This paradigm of self results in all kinds of separations or dualistic perspectives of the cosmos. For instance, we are all familiar with such dualistic categories as self and other, conscious and unconscious, male and female, East and West, us and them.”

    “Western psychology has been greatly influenced by the Cartesian perspective of humanity… Although in Jung we find a psychology that is matrifocal in nature, as compared to Freud’s patrifocal perspective, Jung’s preoccupation with finding wholeness and achieving individuation also requires…a matricidal impulse.105…Referring to Jung’s Symbols of Transformation…Jung came to the conclusion that the achievement of psychological maturity requires the dismemberment of the mother, symbolized by dragons or serpents. This, she notes, is reminiscent of the foul deed performed by Marduk in the Enuma Elish. It is only through the slaughter of the “monster,” known as woman, that the hero established the world. In psychological parlance, symbols of dragons and serpents refer to the unconscious. Thus the maturation of the warrior-identified self requires that ego-consciousness be freed from the grip of the “deadly” unconscious. “Deadly,” writes Keller, “presumably because it prevents the emergence of conscious individuality.”108”

  17. I hope you read her ideas more. I can greatly understand the alternative to the Jungian concept of the ‘Self’ she explores which is the merging with what one is feeling from moment to moment. You are sad one moment, then you may suddenly laugh, or be bored, or full of energy and spirit, or etc etc. So in a way what you ARE is not as ‘Self’ but a flow of selves. This reminds me of the mythical character Dionysos –before the Orphics reformed hir Mysteries. s/he was known as the ‘god of drama and masks’, and as John Allegro reveals in his book The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross his very name is philologicaly at root the psychedelic vegetation/’sacred mushroom’. And I can relate to this because in my experience of psychedelic experience there is this sense that one’s essence is a myriad of different selves, and this is why empathy is so very powerful because those you observe, even the tree, the animal, etc you in a way ARE at that moment. This is why it is so important to be aware of Lunar mythology, because unlike the solar ‘enlightenment’ the experiencer’s insight is the sense of interelationship with ALL nature which suggests more selves than a ‘Self’ –which is more the glorified ego

  18. “To start with etymology: “Image” stems from imitari, “to copy, imitate.” “Symbol” is syn “together” and bole “to throw” – a conglomeration.

    For me, an image is much less than a symbol. Any number of gadgets can create or capture an image. When we use the term “capture” an image, it implies that the image already existed outside of our perception. Furthermore, our perception is flawed so that an image can appear differently to an individual at different times without actually changing physically.

    Symbols can’t exist without consciousness. An image can be a symbol, but so can a person or institution. Symbols exist outside of physicality. A single symbol can be held in multiple minds at once. A single symbol can hold multiple meanings at once. This is where our TKB problem begins to emerge.”

    When I say image I am meaning as in IMAGination, how we dream, and experience pictures/images/symbols when we dream and have visionary experience, psychedelic experience, Imagination. When we get right down to it science does not know what consciousness is nor what matter is!… so we can not reduce the meaning of ‘images’ to mean ‘imitate’ like a machine would do . If I look at a tree the tree is real to me, and if I have a vision of a tree etc it is ALSO real. It is not JUST ‘imitation’. Picture/images/symbols we experience in our minds (even to say ‘in’ is reducing. we do not know this. it is a mystery: Jeremy Narby – Biospheric TV

    “we don’t even know how our own brains work…we don’t even know how our brain conjures up an image of what is objectively outside our heads…we don’t know how our brain creates a 3D colour image inside the brain that looks like it’s outside. We don’t know how we see objective reality. That’s the mystery of consciousness. We don’t know how the film that we see springs out of the three pounds of jelly inside our skull…we don’t even know where the screen is…”) can have profound healing on our bodyminds.

  19. I will try and summarize the situation as I see it:

    1) As is shown in the book, Shamanism and the Drug Propaganda: Patriarchy and the Drug War, by Dan Russell, the so-called ‘war on drugs (which very much includes war on psychedelics) goes back deep into the beginnings of patriarchal civilizations. And the emphasis is the elites aiming to keep their claves away and irnorant of psychedelic inspiration. So their modus operahndi is control of our bodyminds

    2) Psychedelic ingestion is the most powerful means known for inspiring creative imagination, as well as communal communion with each other, other species, and nature on extraordinarily deep spiritual levels.

    3) These elites have devised various philosophies, cults, and religious beliefs beliefs which are designed to divide and control and make us de-grade ourselves and therefore cling to the elites authoritarian structures.

    4) A very good example of how they have done this is shown with the biblical ‘creation myth’ in the Book of Genesis where they degrade very ancient preliterate imagery/symbolism, and subvert its primordial and benign sacred meaning. And they use the device of the written word to do this. In this way they cut us off from the psychedelic inspiration and the memory and knowledge of this imagery/symbolism

    5) They then impose their own meaning of symbolism, and also use imagery that is designed to only be known by their secret societies but which is intended to have psycho-magical effects on those who don’t understand their symbols.

    6) This toxic game continues into the so-called Age of Reason and Science. Millions of children are enforcibly schooled in rationalism and materialism, and this cuts them off quickly from their natural pre-culturized bodyminds creativity. (in our local paper today I read that police officers are knocking on the doors of children who are playing truant, and escorting them by car to school and the hope is that this intimidation will shame them and their families to make sure they attend these schools/open prisons!

    7) We DO need to be both spiritual and political. NOT speaking out in any way we can can only help tyranny. I saw a documentary about these indigenous peoples who have lived for many hundreds of years living sustainably in the forest, and you see the Texaco oil corporation arrive, and they class these people as “non-people”, and they continue to pollute all the land they have their machinery in drilling for oil, and poison the people and animals and water–everything. The people are seen rightfully protesting against these very evil people. That is natural. You speak out and protest.

  20. Great analysis but your blog is not easy on the eyes. Please consider changing you theme so that there is a higher contrast between the text and the background colour. Thats said, I was a supporter of the Anon movement until I started seeing them call themselves legion. Warning bells rang in my mind and then the Holy Spirit showed me that their symbol is the same as that of the Roman empire. I believe this movement wants to bring anarchy so that the antichrist will be seen to bring order out of chaos…which is one of the biggest maxims of the freemason/illuminati network. Imagine the havoc a global network of expert hackers can cause…They can affect/disrupt water supply, electricity etc etc I believe many members follow and work for this movement out of ignorance.

  21. History teaches that Evil has always lost his Battles against Good, it has and it will be always like this, so don’t worry brothers and sisters things are about to change and no evil force, nor elite will be able to stop this enlightment of consciousness that is happening in each one of us. The Awakening is near…

  22. Not ALL the anonymous People are connected with the “central” group… I created an anonymous vid wearing the mask but advocating the removal of the control mechanism the “elites” use – search “Open Letter to the Revolutionaries” on Youtube. I only used the headless figure – but with My eye of Consciousness (see My avatar) in the place of the head, suggesting the opposite of the hivemind perspective. No other of these symbols were used.

    Just know that when a “movement” starts that has no official head, and claims ALL can be part…some of Us take it Our own direction. [smile]

  23. Ah, here is the link:

    An Open Letter to the Revolutionaries

    Also, My article on State of the Globe offering direction to true freedom and the end of poverty, oppression, wage/debt slavery, and profiteering (war profiteering, prison profiteering, pharma profiteering, medical profiteering, chemical profiteering, food, water, air profiteering):

    I hope You choose to check these links out.

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